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Science and fun for kids

In the front line of science education

Pop Science (Pop-Tiede) is a non-profit organisation based in Helsinki, Finland. 

We approach science education in a new way, motivating schoolchildren to learn about physics, chemistry, mathematics, arts and music on new engaging, phenomenon-based school tour Sounds of Science (Ilmiöpop in Finnish).

Pop Science also organizes science-themed summer camps for the second time on summer 2017.

Our other upcoming events include the science and circus performance Scientific Acrobatics (Tieteen akrobatiaa), afternoon clubs, continuing education for teachers already working in schools, and other projects related to science education.

Pop Science also sells sponsor and recreational packages for organisations to fund our work with schoolchildren.

By all this, we work towards equality in teaching and for all children despite of gender, demographic group or area of living.

New Tour: Sounds of Science

Our new tour Sounds of Science approaches science education in a new way, motivating schoolchildren to learn about physics, chemistry, mathematics, arts and music on engaging, phenomenal way. 

The school visit includes workshops for kids and teachers and science show for the whole school. 

The main subject is sound and light. The theme is visible / invisible.

The new tour starts in May 2017 in the Helsinki region. It is funded by the Kone Foundation and it is free for schools.

200 schools already visited by Phenomenal!

Pop Science organised Phenomenal! school tour from 2014 to 2016. It deepened elementary school-goers’ knowledge of natural sciences. Phenomenal! looked at the basic phenomena in physics and chemistry: density, pH, electromagnetism, temperature, currents, and chemical reactions.

The tour visited almost 200 schools in the Helsinki region since the autumn term of 2014 until spring 2016. The visits were popular and appreciated. They were free to schools thanks for the Kone Foundation and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

A pioneer in education

Pop Science aims to inspire children and youth to learn about science at school and in their free time.

Our objective is to promote knowledge of and interest in science among children and youth, as well as to promote equality in learning.

Pop Science is answering to the new Finnish curriculum’s call to break boundaries between different subjects and learn things based on observed phenomena.

Our goal, as well as the goal of the curriculum, is to see each student as an active subject and an active problem-solver in interaction with other people.

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Nelli Korpi

Head of Operation |

tel. +358 45 187 7444

Otso Helos

Head Planner, Workshop Instructor, School Coordinator

Chair of Board

tel. +358 45 611 9000

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Pop-Tiede ry, Ouluntie 3 B 12, 00550 Helsinki, Finland

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